2 years home & other news

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2 years ago today Katie-Lou finally got home after what seemed like a never ending 9 months in hospital following her accident. Katie-Lou went on  a huge journey in that 9 months.  From not expected to live to well enough to get home. She came home very different, as did we. The last 2 years have been every bit as much a journey and we’re pleased to say Katie-Lou has come a long way in that time and is in a much better and happier place than we thought was possible 2 years ago. We’re very proud of her.

The last 2 years have had lots of highs and lows for Katie-Lou and ourselves. I prefer to think of the good things. The way the local community, friends, family and many others rallied around us, the generosity of strangers who went to great lengths to help, the impact the Grove School has made on Katie-Lou’s happiness and alertness, the incredible skill and compassion of all kinds of health professionals and the way Judith and our little team of carers help look after Katie-Lou and ourselves – thank you all!

Katie-Lou will be going to the Grove School 5 days a week after half term. She has increased from a few hours 3 days a week, to ten to three 3 days a week to full time.  It’s a sign of how far she has come in the last 2 years that she is now able to do this. None of us knew if any kind of school environment would work for Katie-Lou such is the extent of care she needs but she really has flourished from attending school and we get regular reports of Katie-Lou having lots of giggles and smiles at school, something that seemed impossible 2 years ago. Much of her happiness and the progress she has made in the last 2 years is due to the school, its wonderful staff and her classmates.


Author: Andy MacLean