Back at school!

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Katie-Lou started back at school today for the 1st time since her accident 16 months ago. She is attending The Grove ‘special’ school in Berwick 3 hours a day for 3 days a weeks to start with and hopefully she can build up to spending more time there.

She’s been out of a school routine for such a long time and we think its going to do wonders for her continued improvement. The school has such a good setup for kids with all kinds of disabilities and we really hope she gets a lot of stimulation out of it and that it will help her to start communicating more meaningfully. She has a dedicated member of staff working with her all the time on various activities.

She seemed to enjoy her few hours there today and she’s been on good form this evening so hopefully she’s got a lot out of today. She spent some time in the light room where they have all kinds of sensory lighting equipment and some time in the sensory garden.

Its great for her to have a routine and to have professionals dedicated to helping her get the most out of her experience at the school, although after all this time with her in sight it was very strange for us to not have her around, even for those few hours.

It’s another brilliant milestone. Well done Katie-Lou, Mummy & Daddy are very proud of you today!!! xxx

Author: Andy MacLean