Recent respite trip to Aberlour

A couple of weekends ago Katie-Lou had a respite trip to Aberlour at St. Boswells. She has been there a few times now and though it’s still hard to let her go she does seem to have a fun time hanging out there (although not looking too impressed in this pic) and we had a…

photo 2-3

New mobility vehicle

Over the last couple of years it has become clear that the wheelchair accessible vehicle we originally had for Katie-Lou was fine for daily use but not so great if we are travelling any distance and/or with the dogs as Katie-Lou has so much equipment that we need to take if we are going out…


2 years home & other news

2 years ago today Katie-Lou finally got home after what seemed like a never ending 9 months in hospital following her accident. Katie-Lou went on  a huge journey in that 9 months.  From not expected to live to well enough to get home. She came home very different, as did we. The last 2 years…


Aberlour Respite

A few weeks ago Katie-Lou visited Aberlour’s St. Boswells respite home for a weekend. We have been offered a place for Katie-Lou at the home before, to give Nikki and myself a couple days respite and time out from 24/7 caring. We’d always declined it as the thought of Katie-Lou being away for a couple…

Plymouth Electric Club

Thanks again to the Plymouth Electric Club

Once again the members of the Plymouth Electric Club have raised money during the year for Katie-Lou’s Trust. £451.04! We also received another lovely, generous and supportive letter from Bob Charlick along with the cheque. Many thanks Bob and to your colleagues at the Plymouth Electric Club for thinking of our girl and ourselves!


A few days holiday

Katie-Lou, ourselves and the Smith family had a great few days at Center Parcs. Center Parcs is pretty well setup for wheelchairs / disabled access. KL was happy, smiley and laughing every single day (aside from a slight wobble on her last night). We were keen to get her into the hot tub to see…


KL’s school report

We had our 1st annual review at The Grove School to discuss how Katie-Lou is getting on and future targets for her. We’re pleased to say the report and all the feedback was really lovely. She has come such a long way since starting at The Grove last September and i’m sure some of the…


Sweet 16 & unplanned hospital visit

Katie-Lou turned 16 last week (can’t believe it!). She had a pamper afternoon with some friends and family and had a very relaxing time (she slept through most of it!) Thank you to the girls at Bliss for the pamper afternoon and thanks everyone for her cards, pressies and well wishes. Thanks also to Rory…

photo 6

New Year Update

Apologies. Has been a while since our last update! Been a very busy time for all of us including Katie-Lou. Christmas went well. It was very sad not having our little girl unwrapping presents on the end of our bed Xmas morning but this Xmas was so much nicer than last year when Katie-Lou was…


Our 1st family Christmas at home in Eyemouth

Nearly ready for our 1st family Christmas at home  in Eyemouth. Last years was terrible, this one will be hard, but so much better than watching Katie-Lou suffer in hospital.  Speaking of which, this Christmas Day we’ll be thinking of all the unfortunate people who will be spending their Christmas in hospital, including the lovely…


Big thank you to the Dunny Kilt Walkers

Barry Cowan and friends completed their KiltWalk from Hampden Park to Loch Lomond earlier this year, a distance of over 26 miles! Barry and Wendy visited us last Sunday to present Katie-Lou’s Trust fund with a cheque for 50% of the donations they raised – a whopping £2172! A huge thanks to the KiltWalkers and…


Sign our petition and make UK beaches safer

The thought of Katie-Lou in the water with people attempting to her rescue her with dog leads, lorry cables and even risking their own lives by venturing into the huge waves is too much to bear and we want to make sure this is never repeated. Please visit our petition page by clicking on it…


Huge thanks to Brenda Dixon and sponsors

A huge thanks to Brenda Dixon and everyone that has sponsored and supported Brenda through her series of 10k’s, half marathons, marathons and even ultra  marathons! She’s covered a lot of ground, gone through a lot of blood, sweat & tears and deserves recognition for being an insane masochist, but all for the best intentions…


Part time carers required

We require additional part time carers for Katie-Lou, to largely cover occasional evenings and weekends. Experience preferred but not essential as you will mostly be working with ourselves or Katie-Lou’s primary care assistant. Location: Katie-Lou’s home, Eyemouth Hours: Infrequent, evenings & weekends,  circa 2-12hrs per month and/or Plus up to 28 per week during holiday…


KL finishes 1st term back at school

Katie-Lou has finished her 1st term back at school, not her old school but The Grove special school in Berwick. She seems to really enjoy being there and although she’s often completely knackered and asleep when we pick her up we recently were able to extend her hours to 4 per day, Mon Wed &…


Thanks to Jus Rol and Brenda

Thank you to Jus Rol who donated £200 to Katie-Lou’s trust fund as a show of support for Brenda Dixon who’s ongoing run-athon is raising awareness and funds for Katie-Lou’s trust fund.

kl school 1

Back at school!

Katie-Lou started back at school today for the 1st time since her accident 16 months ago. She is attending The Grove ‘special’ school in Berwick 3 hours a day for 3 days a weeks to start with and hopefully she can build up to spending more time there. She’s been out of a school routine…


Garden finished, The Grove School & other news

As you can see from the pics below the garden adaptions (thanks to Tweed Landscapes, Fraser McGregor, Martin Landels and the Smiths) are finally finished, which means after many months of effort and upheaval the house is finally 100% setup for Katie-Lou. She hasnt had a lot of opportunity to enjoy it yet as she’s been…


The past few weeks for Katie-Lou

Apologies for not updating the site recently, it just seems to be all go and Katie-Lou has been keeping us very busy. Our wheel chair garden transformation is nearly complete (more news and pics on that soon) and as you can see from the picture its great to have access to it straight from her…

ICC Katie-Lou Maclean

Thanks to the year 8 kids at Ivybridge College

Some of the really great kids at Katie-Lou’s old school, Ivybridge Community College, have held events recently for Katie-Lou’s Trust Fund. Emily Eaton, Ellie May and Emily Potter deserve special thanks for their part in organising a bake off competition as well as a version of ITV’s Take Me Out. They sent Katie-Lou a couple…


Thanks to the kids at Eyemouth High School

Lots of thanks to many of the kids at Eyemouth High School who did a sponsored walk/run for Katie-Lou’s trust fund, Help for Heroes and Riding for the Disabled. They raised a brilliant £1168.23 in total and donated £389.41 of it to Katie-Lou’s trust fund. Well done kids!


Enjoying Fathers Day

Like alot of things Fathers Day passed me by last year. Its great to be able to celebrate it with Katie-Lou this year and she’s been giving me lots of smiles today!


Thanks to Jon, Jason, Helen, Julie & Daniel

Well done to our friend Jon & members of his family. They walked over 40 miles across Dartmoor in support of and to raise money for Katie-Lou’s trust fund. They  did pick up some injuries in the process and reminded themselves and us all that Dartmoor is a pretty tough place to mess with! The…


A year ago today

This time last year we were huddled around a bed in intensive care unsure  if Katie-Lou was going to live or die. We all know now that she’s made of tough stuff and a year on she’s still here and we couldnt be more proud of her. She didnt escape without cruel and horrible brain…


Katie-Lou and her eyegazer

Trying to teach Katie-Lou to use her Eyegazer. Very basic stuff at least right now, all about eye control and following objects. It’s a very sophisticated bit of kit, which eventually might enable her to communicate with us again.

lynnette and the marathon runners

Thanks to Lynnette, Greg, Andy & Abby

Many thanks to our great friend and Katie-Lou’s godmother Lynette, as well as lots of thanks to Greg, Andy & Abby for running the recent Plymouth half marathon and raising £1365 for Katie-Lou’s trust fund. Alot of training and effort went into preparing for the half marathon and they all did really well!  

katie-lou casts dystonia

Katie-Lou’s operation to straighten her feet out

Surgery went ok. Katie-Lou in some discomfort but doing ok at home. Feet in the upright at position at last, hopefully in 6 months time when the casts and splints come off they’ll stay that way. She also had Botox injected into her forearms to try and help with the dystonia in her wrists which…

Dystonic foot

Katie-Lou operation & update

Apologies for not posting more frequently, we seem to have been very busy of late. Theres been a whole bunch of fund raising events recently for which donations havent been fully collected. We’ll update on all the great (and in many cases painful) efforts made by people recently once totals have been added up. Katie-Lou…

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Many thanks to Kirsty Nash & Lothian & Borders Police G Division

Lothian & Borders Police G Division raised an amazing £700 for Katie-Lou’s Trust Find at their annual charity quiz night at the Ladhope Golf Club, Galashiels. The team raised money for a number of local beneficiaries and we are delighted that our friend and PC, Kirsty Nash was kind enough to put forward Katie-Lou’s Trust…


Giacopazzi launching Katie-Lou inspired ice cream!

Giacopazzi’s in Eyemouth are launching a brand new flavour ice cream especially to to raise funds for Radio Borders ‘Cash for Kids’ Charity which raises money to help disadvantaged children in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland. One of the beneficiaries of the Charity this year is the Care for Katie-Lou TrustFund. The brand new flavour,…

cash for kids day 2013

Cash For Kids Day 2013

Cash for Kids is the official charity of Radio Borders and provides a helping hand to disabled and disadvantaged children around the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland. This year Cash for Kids day is helping to raise money to build a sensory garden and chill out space for Katie-Lou as well as to provide grants…

VW Caddy Maxi Life

A busy couple weeks

Katie-Lou has had a couple of busy weeks. Her Uncle Rob, Auntie Julie and cousin Jodie made  a surprise visit and stopped with us for a few days. It was nice to hear how much difference they can see in here since last they visited. We also had our friends Lynnette, Jon & Tashy visit…


Care For Katie-Lou is on Facebook

A bunch of people have said recently they didnt realize the Care For Katie-Lou Trust had a Facebook page. It does! If you want to follow Katie-Lou’s progress and are a Facebooker you can find it here