Garden finished, The Grove School & other news

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As you can see from the pics below the garden adaptions (thanks to Tweed Landscapes, Fraser McGregor, Martin Landels and the Smiths) are finally finished, which means after many months of effort and upheaval the house is finally 100% setup for Katie-Lou. She hasnt had a lot of opportunity to enjoy it yet as she’s been very busy and a little ill of late but hopefully she can enjoy the some of rest of the summer in the fresh air and in her cool new summerhouse. Its hard to take photos of it but we’ve got alot of cool lighting in the retaining wall and her bubble tubes and projectors look great in the summer house. We have a water feature, wind chimes dotted around and lots of colourful flowers and butterflies to make the whole area really nice and relaxing as well as stimulating for her. Previously the garden wasnt wheelchair accessible and was basically a lawn on a hill, now its a great place for Katie-Lou to relax.

We have some really good news – Katie-Lou has been accepted into the Grove School in Berwick, where she’ll be able to get alot of specialist one to one attention. We’re really hoping it will help bring her communication on and it will be great for her to be stimulated in new ways and to get back into a routine. It cant be much fun being at home with mum and dad all the time! We’ve been to the school several times and are really impressed with the setup they have there. Im sure its going to be great for her. She starts in September.

Katie-Lou is beginning to tolerate her leg casts a bit better. Her feet are staying at 90 degrees though the toes on her right foot are beginning to curl again and her right foot wants to point to the right. We’re not too worried if they arent 100% as they should be, we’re more relieved that they are staying in a more comfortable position.

Author: Andy MacLean