KL’s school report

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We had our 1st annual review at The Grove School to discuss how Katie-Lou is getting on and future targets for her. We’re pleased to say the report and all the feedback was really lovely. She has come such a long way since starting at The Grove last September and i’m sure some of the really positive changes we’ve seen in her have been down to the environment, attention and love she’s been shown at The Grove. Here’s a passage from the report that melted our hearts:

Katie-Lou is a firm favourite amongst the other young people in her class. The days of the week are linked by many of them as to whether they are days Katie-Lou is in school or not. Many of the young people now take it in turns to work with Katie-Lou, to sit with her and chat or help push her trolley of equipment and she is most certainly ‘one of the gang’.

The school and those behind the scenes have managed to secure funding for Katie-Lou to attend another 3 hours a week so the 3 days a week she attends school will be extended to 10am – 3pm.

We’re hoping that very shortly we’ll be able to get Katie-Lou using the hydrotherapy pool at the school, which could be really great for her dystonia.

Ourselves and the school have been trying tasters with Katie-Lou again and with much better results than previously. By no means is it safe to start feeding Katie-Lou by mouth yet but we’re hoping for now at least she can get some enjoyment out of tasting food again.



Author: Andy MacLean

  • Kirsty Nash

    Superb progress well done KL x x x

  • Charley Ellis

    This is great newa x

  • Linda

    Having visited The Grove School I can see why Katie- Lou is so happy when she is there, with such dedicated, caring staff & also the many friends she has made is wonderful. The school has been a blessing for Katie-Lou, Nicola & Andy.