The press has been both heplful and very unhelpful since Katie-Lou’s accident. Helpful in that its given us a very public way to thank people for their support and unhelpful in that some journalists are plain rude or insensitive. Incredibly I was told by a freelance reporter recently that “I dont need your permission to write whats in the public domain” when I told him I wasnt happy with the information he was given. Apart from placing the desire to write a saleable story above our own situation thats pretty insulting, im not a stupid person and understand about how the free press is allowed to operate in this country.

To be fair Id also like to say some (of the quality) press have read word for word to me what they wanted to publish before going to print to make sure its accurate and not upsetting. Ive been asked if its ok to say  things like ‘brain damaged’ and ‘wont make a full recovery’ and im grateful for the integrity and consideration of those journalists and editors. Given that and also because so many stories are still appearing without our knowledge and directly taking copy and photos from this site:

  • Please dont use photos on this site or Facebook without asking. This site was created for friends, family and well wishers not for gawpers.
  • Use of content on this site – theres nothing written on this site we dont mind being replicated  (except post comments which arent ours but the words of others – ask their permission!) but im fed up of seeing lazy journalism that misleads people to think we’re actively participating with stories when we havent e.g. ‘Katie-Lou’s dad speaks for the 1st time about…”
  • Journalists have said things like ‘we see you are speaking to the press’ and assume we’re ok with publicising every detail about Katie-Lou. No, we’ve done 3 interviews, all to thank people for their support and fundraising for Katie-Lou’s trust fund, not about the accident or Katie-Lou’s prognosis. This is the only kind of press we support. 95% of the press and “quotes” thats been published contains copy taken from this site without our knowledge.
  • If you are writing about Katie-Lou’s accident/recovery in any shape or form please have the courtesy to talk to us and consider our opinions.

Naive a hope as it might be id appreciate it if any future press could oblige with those 4 conditions.

- Andy & Nik (KL’s Mum & Dad)