***Update 1 Mar 2013 – Katie-Lou returned home Feb 12th***

(The below written Sep 2012)

As a family we moved to Eyemouth in January this year (2012*) to start a new life in Scotland, something we’d long wanted to do. Katie-Lou wasn’t too keen on the idea at first but she had her great friend Shannon already up here and had made lots of other friends in the times when we have previously holidayed in Eyemouth. Needless to say, as she always has done, Katie-Lou fitted right in and made lots of new friends and was very popular and having a great time.

On the 4th of June 2012 at Eyemouth Harbour her life and ours changed forever. We believe Katie-Lou tried to rescue her friend from 20 foot waves that swept them both out to sea. While her friend was rescued unhurt Katie-Lou was bashed against the harbour wall and swept onto the rocks which resulted in her going untold minutes without breathing or a heartbeat.

Katie-Lou was saved from death but has acquired serious brain injury and remains in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh. She struggled so hard for 3 weeks in intensive care but kept fighting and eventually was well enough to move on to the neurology ward where she remains, getting stronger, having operations, going through physio and rehab.

We’re hoping she will be well enough to return home early next year.  She will need a lot of support, equipment and adaptions to her home. As parents it has been very hard for us to come to terms with whats happened to our brave little girl and it is so very painful to know that she will never be the same again and that she faces a very different future.

From day 1 we have been inundated with support and kindness from friends, family and the wonderful community of Eyemouth and many have expressed a wish to raise money and donate to Katie-Lou. Katie-Lou has inspired many people and we are VERY proud of her and how she is battling through her terrible illness. This web site was created by our friend Lee Smith to help keep the immeasurable number of well wishers informed and give them a practical way to help. We were very uncomfortable with personally receiving money from anyone so we set up a trust fund which will be used solely for the benefit of Katie-Lou. Please visit the thank you page to see those who deserve recognition as well as The House page to see all the kind people who have helped get the house adapted.

It is hard for us to even think about the accident let alone write or talk about it. For those who want to know more some details are below. Much of the press at the time was unwelcome and inaccurate, the BBC has most of the details right.

If you would like to help Katie-Lou please contact us or you can donate using the button below.

- Mum & Dad