Many of you will know we’re having to get the house adapted to make it wheelchair friendly and to have a shower facility downstairs for Katie-Lou. This involves us getting the garage converted into the wetroom with a door leading into Katie-Lou’s bedroom (formerly our front room), knocking down a retaining wall in the dining room and making the bulk of downstairs open plan and converting this into our new front room. We also need to take out the double glazing in Katie-Lou’s new front room and replace it with floor level bi-folding doors so she can access the garden. You can see photos of the before, during & after (when completed) house adaptions below – ill update as we go.

Simon Maden of Maden Eco has been insanely generous and offered himself and his staffs manpower at no cost to get the work done. Furthermore he’s also done a grand job of utilising his trade contacts to secure materials and equipment discounted or even free.  It almost beggars belief how generous strangers can be in this day and age, as we continue to find out almost daily.

Of course much of the house adaptions and payment of, where applicable, (we still have materials costs including roof hoist and fitting, downstairs flooring, bi-fold sliding door, wetroom finishings, industrial washer & dryer etc etc) has been made possible by the generosity and kindness of countless indvividuals in Eyemouth, Plymouth and up and down the country, the US & beyond. THANK YOU! We also want to fill the house with sensory equipment for Katie-Lou so that as far as possible it stimulates her senses, aids her communication and simply makes her life as enjoyable as possible. So far from the trust fund money we’ve bought nearly £3k worth of equipment to this end.

We were unable to keep up with thanking everyone who has donated, provided raffle prizes or who has done something else to help Katie-Lou but we can just about manage to keep up with all those helping to make the house a great place for Katie-Lou to return to and here they are:

Simon Maden & his team:

Stuart Maltman – Plasterer

Stuart Bryson – Electrician

Carl Mole – Joiner

Kenny Wagstaff – Joiner

Trevor Maden – Plumber

Connor Maden – Apprentice Electrician

Gareth Ferrel –  Site Labourer

James Lamb – our landlord who said we could do whatever we need to do to the house. He’s also agreed to sell the house to us so we can guarantee security of the house long term for Katie-Lou.

Andrew Walker – donated his architectural consultancy including drawings and building regs submission

Maden Eco - have also donated the plant equipment, QS services, admin, floor insulation, misc items

MKM Builders merchants - have offered £250 credit – so far the insulation boards and latts for lining the walls

JT Doves - have offered £250 credit – so far the door, moisture resistant boards, timber

Plumbcentre through David Cromarty - have donated all the plumbing goods

Jewson - have donated the sand and cement for the floor screed

Mira - have donated the shower

Aako - have donated the tray liner for the shower waste system

Howdens Joinery - have donated the kitchen units and sink

Grant Westfield - the wetwall 3 sheets donated and cost price on the rest

Penine Windows - a super triple glazed window

FSD – have given 60% discount on a high quality folding sliding door

Ideal Carpets, Berwick – Donated the labour to lay the wetroom flooring

Polyflor - Donated the wetroom flooring

Andrew Wood – donated his time to help decorate

Peter Gautry – donated his time to help decorate


Work In Progress

House Before The Adaptions

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