The past few weeks for Katie-Lou

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Apologies for not updating the site recently, it just seems to be all go and Katie-Lou has been keeping us very busy.

Our wheel chair garden transformation is nearly complete (more news and pics on that soon) and as you can see from the picture its great to have access to it straight from her bedroom. we’ve already spent some time out there during this recent sunshine and it was great for her to be out there and involved with all our Eyemouth friends and neighbours on my birthday recently.  A little bit more like normality.

You might remember KL has been wearing casts on her feet for 6 weeks following her operation to straighten them. Last week these were replaced with splints which she has to wear for 23 hours a day for 6 months. We’re hoping around Christmas time we can get her back in shoes. Unfortunately she’s not been tolerating them very well and they’ve been causing sores, which we’re trying to find a solution to as the risk of infection would mean removal of the splints and the failure of the attempt to get her feet back to normal.


Author: Andy MacLean